A Beginner’s Guide To The Different Types Of Diving Equipment And Their Uses

There are many types of “extreme sports” that people enjoy partaking in, one such sport being diving.  Of course, there are two types of diving and people may become confused when discussing this article.  How can diving off a diving board into a swimming pool possibly be considered an extreme sport?  Unless you are diving in the Olympics from the highest board without any diving experience whatsoever, this is not an extreme sport; scuba diving, however, is categorized as an extreme sport.  This article will provide information on the different types of equipment required for scuba diving and how this diving equipment can be used.


What Is Scuba Diving?

Scuba diving is, arguably, one of the most popular activities completed by individuals who either live by a coral reef or visit a coral/barrier reef for vacation.  Almost all individuals who are interested in diving will at some point learn to scuba dive either for enjoyment purposes or to begin a successful career in the practice.  Irrespective of your reasons for diving, it is important to have an enhanced understanding of the activity and the different pieces of equipment required to complete such a task.  In adequate or improper knowledge of the equipment can be highly dangerous for the user and may result, in the most severe cases, in a life-threatening situation.

What Diving Equipment Is Required When Scuba Diving?

1. The Mask

The mask is the primary piece of equipment required for effective scuba diving.  By using this item you will be able to obtain a more efficient view of the underwater scene.  This item is comprised of two major parts including the rubber sheath, also known as the cuff, and the glass plate.  The cuff is the area that prevents water from entering the holding the plate in place and adapting to different types of faces.  It is available to hire in a plethora of models.


2. The Snorkel

The snorkel is an apparatus that presents as a hook.  It is comprised of a plastic tube with a rubber mouthpiece attached.  This item is essential as it assists the diver in breathing whilst underwater.

3. The Scuba

Many people are unaware what the term ‘scuba’ actually stands for.  The term ‘scuba’ is an acronym for self-contained underwater breathing apparatus and refers to the piece of equipment that allows the diver to carry his breathing medium under the water.  Unlike the snorkel that allows breathing from the surface, the scuba holds the oxygen in a container and support for breathing is easily carried from area to area without any need for surface support.  There are currently three types of scuba equipment: the closed-circuit scuba, the open-circuit scuba, and the semi-closed circuit scuba.

4. The Fins

The final piece of diving equipment is the fins.  This is an important item as it assists the diver is swimming more speedily and conserving energy underwater.  The fins present in a similar structure as frogs legs and are comprised of plastic and rubber.  The type of fins a diver should use is dependent on their level of expertise as a scuba diver.  Beginners should use fins that are soft, small and more flexible; whereas, more experienced divers can benefit from fins that are larger, harder and more rigid with restrictive gills.